Currently our charges are £60 for the first hour, and £50 for each subsequent hour. However we are keen to only ever charge a fair rate for the job in hand; we will only charge what we agree to be reasonable, and we won’t charge for our own learning/investigation time. Also, we won’t charge if we have been unable to resolve your problem (no fix, no fee).

Typically work will be carried out at your own premises, although occasionally it is easier for us to take a PC offsite, particularly where unattended time is required (re-installing the operating system, for example). Unattended maintenance will not be charged for.

Hosting Services
If you would like us to purchase domain name registration or hosting services, then we will pass these on at cost. However, if you would then like us to take care of the annual renewal of these, we will then charge one hour labour per renewal period (typically one or two years).